In addition to its compact size, the ST 6600B surge tester impresses with its enormous performance - at an unbeatable price. It is ideal for detecting short circuits and insulation faults within a winding even before the fault affects the electrical specifications of the device under test.

Thanks to its modern computer technology and large 7" TFT touch display, the ST 6600B is easy and intuitive to operate. The test does not have to be carried out by an expert engineer - even trained auxiliary personnel can operate the device in the test field without any problems. Testing has never been so easy! With its compact size, the portable ST 6600B is versatile - whether in the test field or for mobile use, the ST 6600B adapts to your circumstances. No additional equipment is required to carry out the tests, just a 115 V / 230 V, 50/60Hz mains connection.

The ST 6600B enables inductances from approx. 10 µH to be tested. All coils with a higher inductance can be tested with the device. The ST 6600B evaluates based on the defined criteria and displays a GOOD / FAIL result to the user. The ST 6600B Surgetester has a memory for 20 test samples. Additional test samples can be stored indefinitely via a USB stick. The device can be operated in conjunction with a PC via a TCP/IP, USB and RS-232 interface. This means that it can also be used within automatic testing systems and production lines.